Expertise, commitment, discipline and relationships

Northland understands its key success factors and continues to focus on them. Among our competitive strengths, we include:

In-depth expertise and long experience: Northland has successfully developed and operated power projects for over 25 years. Our technical expertise combines engineering knowledge with practical operational application. We have employed a variety of technologies and fuels, including biomass, natural-gas-fired turbines in various configurations and wind power. Innovations we’ve introduced to our industry include both new technologies and new financing approaches. Currently active projects use gas, wind, solar, hydro and hydrokinetic technology.

Committed management: The members of our core team use their extensive experience, having worked 15 to 25 years either with Northland or elsewhere in the industry, to provide stable and cohesive leadership. The team owns more than 1/3 of Northland, aligning their long-term interests with those of the company. The entire team gets involved in both developing new projects and operating existing plants. This creates valuable feedback that improves new project development, design and financing and enables us to leverage design innovations to improve existing facilities.

Discipline: Northland has stayed true to its focus on clean and green projects with available long-term PPAs. We have not succumbed to a win-at-any-cost mentality, yet we’ve prevailed in open competitions. Our projects consistently come in on time and on budget and achieve long-term commercial success. We are patient and persistent developers, at times nurturing opportunities for several years before they become successful projects.

Strategic relationships: Northland has earned a reputation as a reliable partner, a dependable project sponsor, and a good neighbor. We foster strategic relationships with a variety of project-critical organizations, including off-takers, major equipment suppliers, power plant construction contractors and banks and institutional lenders. We have cultivated relationships and have agreements with communities and First Nations to develop wind, solar and hydro projects. Our network often gives us early-mover advantage in acquiring the best sites for future projects.