Northland’s development process

Northland has been developing energy generation projects since 1987. Initial plant design and engineering are also done in-house.

Our strategy is to identify the need for a project early and to anticipate and address:

  • where the generation capacity will be required;
  • what the procurement process will be;
  • which technologies will be favoured;
  • any concerns the host community may have.

A good example is our Thorold cogeneration plant, which was identified as an opportunity in the 1990s and nurtured for a number of years before winning an Ontario Power Authority proposal request in 2006. At its completion in 2010, it became one of the largest plants of its type in Ontario.

The overall development activity at Northland (see the diagram below) involves managing several projects at various stages with varying probabilities of success. We constantly review each project’s feasibility until the PPA is signed and construction contracts are in place.

Inside Northland

Northland Power’s 127.5 MW Jardin d’Éole wind farm owes its name to a MORE