Northland Power Inc. has adopted a number of policies to ensure all representatives (employees, officers and directors of NPI) fulfill their responsibilities consistently, honestly and fairly and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics: Covers confidentiality, conflict of interest, compliance with laws and regulations and fair dealing for all representatives, officers and directors of Northland Power and all entities it controls.

Disclosure and Trading Policy: Governs the use and public dissemination of Corporation information to create consistent disclosure practices so Northland meets its disclosure obligations under securities laws and Toronto Stock Exchange rules.

Financial Integrity Policy: Outlines the procedure established by the Board for the confidential, anonymous submission by employees of any concerns regarding questionable accounting, financial reporting or auditing matters.

Mandate for the Board of Directors: Provides guidance for the Board of Directors responsible for the stewardship of Northland Power and all the entities it controls.

Audit Committee Charter: Guides the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities for overseeing accounting and financial reporting, internal controls and management information, risks and risk management, the external audit process and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Governance and Nominating Committee Charter: Guides the Board in governance issues, recommending new Board candidates and committee nominees, assessing the effectiveness of the Board, its committees and members, orienting new members and advising on Board compensation matters.

Compensation Committee Charter: Guides the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities relating to the compensation of the executive management of the Corporation and of the Board.

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