At Northland, sustainability is a core value. We see sustainability as the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the potential of the future. As such, to Northland, sustainability also means a commitment to creating strong, vibrant, and healthy communities wherever we live, work, and play.

All of our development efforts and operational practices focus on ensuring Northland will continue to provide long-term benefits to our customers, investors, employees, partners, and communities.

For Northland Power, sustainability has many dimensions:

Health and safety: Priority one is ensuring our people have the knowledge, tools and time to work safely. Our culture of safety, respect and independence helps to ensure we attract and retain the type of people we need to perform well, because we believe high performance and a sustainable future go hand in hand.

Environmental: Northland Power was founded on the belief that clean and green energy is vital to the future of our planet. It’s all we produce. We avoid high-impact and dirty energy technologies to focus on promising new areas. All of our construction and operational practices are engineered to meet high environmental standards.

Financial: As an investment, Northland Power has paid stable monthly distributions and dividends and outperformed the TSX since our IPO in 1997. To maintain this record, we pursue opportunities that meet strict Return on Investment thresholds and that are based on long-term purchase contracts with creditworthy off-takers.

Operational: As a full-service provider of renewable and gas-fired energy - from project origination, through development, financing, construction, and operations – we manage our facilities throughout their lifecycle. We maintain and reinvest constantly in our operating assets for maximum efficiency and viability over the long term. High quality results are the ultimate goal of everything we do—from the smallest calculation to the successful completion of a multimillion-dollar facility.

Community: Northland makes ongoing investments in its host communities to ensure they remain vibrant, healthy places to live. These communities are our homes, too – Northland staff and their families, live work and play there. Northland supports non-profit activities and events by providing financial assistance, sponsorships and product or in-kind contributions to a number of community initiatives.